Check your requirements easily into your PHP application

Due to a recurrent problem, to know is the developper configuration, or the production environnment is good for a php application, i created a tiny library that give an easy way to check your requirements easily.
You can use it freely, the source code is on github :

Php-requirements-checker is a php script to integrate in each php software to check if the requirements are good

How to use

You need to copy the two files php-requirements-checker.php and my-requirements.php into your php application An other method will be to use composer to get the last stable release. Go to the composer section to do it.

Add your own libraries, folders and file to check

You need to add your own libraries to check, and folders and file. To do it, edit the file my-requirements.php.

Launch your custom php requirements checker :

Via the web page : http://localhost/myapp/php-requirements-checker.php

The result

You will have a result in an html , like the example below

Optional section : Install via Composer

Composer is a powerfull tool o install external libraries. If you need to know how composer works, go on this page :

To add this library to your installation via composer, you only need to add "nmalservet/php-requirements-checker" to your "require" section into your composer.json as example below :

"require": {

Then, run the command "composer update". Composer will install the library into your "vendor" folder probably.

You need to create your own configuration and call the script from your installation. First copy the file my-requirements.php into your folder, for example "my-own-requirements.php". Open a file, for example my-checker.php then include the configuration file and the script.

include ('my-own-requirements.php');
require(__DIR__ . '/../vendor/nmalservet/php-requirements-checker/php-requirements-checker.php');

So to check if your requirements are installed, you need to use this url: http://localhost/myapp/my-checker.php